Some new publications and a Facebook page

Summer holidays ended some time ago, I know. Since then, I am back in Budapest, preparing new projects, meeting interesting people and working as much as I can. Hey! And I also got a couple of new publications! 

The first one was for Worbz, an online platform to discover contemporary photography and some daily inspiration. They chose my project Wonder Land as the series of the day! 

This month I also take part in the online collective exhibiton of the photography magazine F-Stop! The issue of the month is Human Body and two of my photos of Bestiario are part of them. That's specially exciting due to the fact that is the first time that these photos are being published. I also encourage you to check the full gallery, you will find a lot of interesting stuff. 

Going totally out of my comfort zone, I created a Facebook Page. Even if I use other social media a lot like Instagram, this was something quite difficult for me. As it's still something very recent, I would really appreciate if you have a look and join me!