First Steps to Start Your Personal Project

Ok, so you got your camera and you learnt how to use it. You brought it with you on your last vacation. You took nice photos of what you saw. Now what?

That's for a lot of people all their photographic journey. I don't want to sound dramatic but a few of the cameras of my collection come from family and friends who didn't know what else to do with them.  This can bring us a lot of frustration.

What I like the most about photography is how much access we have to it and how much variety. People can be afraid of playing the violin or making an oil painting, but who is afraid of taking a picture?


I think the most important thing is to think about the camera as a tool. You just have to find the tool you feel comfortable with and that adapts better to you and your needs. As far as I know, there are great images taken with view cameras, but also with iphones. 

If you got your tool and still don't know what to do, I encourage you to, instead of just taking nice pictures, start your own project. It will keep you engaged with your practice for longer time and it will make your learning process more fruitful. Probably, it will also make richer your everyday life. 

We also need to find a topic or a project that can fit in our lives. For example, if we can only travel once a year for 15 days, why to commit ourselves with travel photography? 

As with any other thing in life, the way to learn is to practice everyday. Even if you are just free for 10 minutes a day, what can you do during this time? A self-portrait? A portrait of your partner? A photo of the street you take everyday to go to work? A photo of your desk? Believe me, the possibilities are infinite. 


Based in my experience, the most important thing after perseverance is not to be too precious. Open up to experiment and to play. You don't have to show anything to nobody until you feel confident enough.

Explore your interests and push yourself out of your comfort zone as much as possible.

Never compare yourself or your work to other people. 


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