Why Make Your Own Book?

Since I read a book called How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith I have been kind of obsessed with book making

I had never made a book before. Honestly, I have always found most of the photobooks and photozines a little bit pretentious; plus I have never considered myself skilled enough to even try to do my own. 

As I have written before, I truly believe that the key of creativity is to give oneself permission to explore without judgement and to be everything but perfect. This fact, together with a personal need of spending less time in front of the computer, drove me to try this new format.

Everybody discusses how to know when a painting is ready, but what happens with photography? You can take your photos, edit them, make a coherent selection and still feel it is unfinished. This has happened to me recently with Blue Line, a photo series about the 3rd metro line of Budapest through it's plastic furniture. I know I am not the first one doing a project out of this topic but I achieved to get my own perspective, the aesthetic I wanted and tell a very specific story. Still something was missing.

Still having this feeling of unaccomplishment, I left the project to rest for some months until book making came into my life. While designing the format and the covers, I put even more thoughts in it and on what I really wanted to tell. I explored all the possibilities. I got messy cutting and binding and printing. I made something imperfect and unrepeatable. 

I think I have fallen in love with book making for the same reasons I am in love with analogue photography. It makes everything unique, real, tangible. It reminds me that photography can be still a craft, not an IT position.

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