"Her Memories were Valuable" Exhibition

Almost a month ago I set my first drawing exhibition in an small café in Budapest, called 3 Pajamas. Personal reasons prevented me to really talk about it and make some promotion, but I would like to do it now because even if it’s a tiny thing, I’m really proud of it.

Her memories were valuable is the first drawing project I have ever shown in public.


Through a simple and common object as it is a coffee mug, I want to explore the idea of the self as a container of emotions and to revise all these toxic messages we all once have heard and have stored in ourselves forever. Every drawing is accompanied with a sentence open enough for personal interpretation inviting the viewers to self reflect on their own experiences.

You still have time until February to pop by and see my little drawings.

If you are not in Budapest, you can see these drawings here.

Soon they will be for sale on my Etsy shop, but you can email me at info@isabelval.com if you are interested!