upcoming Workshop in Budapest

On the 26th of September I will be leading my workshop "Collecting the City - Visual Storytelling through Objects" as part of the program of the Bokréta Festival in Budapest.

In this workshop, we will approach photography as a way to reconnect with the city and we will develop a body of work based on the concepts of series and repetition. We will explore our surroundings, paying special attention to all these ordinary objects we can find in the public space and the story we can tell through them. Our main topic will be the relation between past and present in Bokréta utca.


MiraDoor, the organizers of this festival are on a mission to bring an intelcultural community together trough all kind of cultural and artistic initiatives. The whole programme of the festival is quite cool, so I really recommend you to have a look!

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If you are interested in this workshop but you cannot attend, check other possibilities or write to me at info@isabelval.com