My Etsy Shop Is Open Again!

After a few months, I have opened again my Etsy Shop!

It doesn’t just have a new look, but now you will also find original drawings of my series Her Memories were Valuable and a few Riso Prints.

I will be very happy if you go and have a look, and even more if you buy something! If you have seen something on my website that you would like to purchase and don’t know how, please just send me an email at

Go to Etsy Shop.

Isabel Val Etsy Shop

upcoming Workshop in Budapest

On the 26th of September I will be leading my workshop "Collecting the City - Visual Storytelling through Objects" as part of the program of the Bokréta Festival in Budapest.

In this workshop, we will approach photography as a way to reconnect with the city and we will develop a body of work based on the concepts of series and repetition. We will explore our surroundings, paying special attention to all these ordinary objects we can find in the public space and the story we can tell through them. Our main topic will be the relation between past and present in Bokréta utca.


MiraDoor, the organizers of this festival are on a mission to bring an intelcultural community together trough all kind of cultural and artistic initiatives. The whole programme of the festival is quite cool, so I really recommend you to have a look!

Facebook Event

More about Bokréta Festival

If you are interested in this workshop but you cannot attend, check other possibilities or write to me at

Neon Budapest Book

The Neon Budapest Book + Poster is one of the coolest projects I have ever collaborated together with Luca Patkós and Iván Kozák. We were very happy when the Budapest's public library Szabó Ervin purchased two copies. 


A few days ago, I went to a trip to the library with my friend Attila and... there it was!

Learn more about this project here and order one of the very last copies at

Another neon sign is gone

A few days ago , another neon sign was removed in Budapest. I was sorry for it, as it was one of the first I took photos of when I started Lights of Budapest back in 2015. Forgotten on the top of a big building during decades, I found it funny that its message was kind of revolutionary again: DO NOT LITTER!


You can read an article about it and check the photos of the dismantling here

And if you will also miss this neon sign, you can get a limited copy in Mymuseum