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Her memories were valuable
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Her memories were valuable

In this exhibition, cups take the space even more than they usually do in here. In this occasion, they are not only the container of our favourite beverages but also the symbol of this part of ourselves that keeps and stores all kind of messages coming from the outer world without us being able to process them most of the time. 

Colorful drawings are combined with little texts in a way that the viewers can freely interpret and make it their own, creating a more engaging and personal experience.

The techniques used are acrylic paint, pencil and crayon on paper. 

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A bakelit effektus / The Vinyl Shop Effect Megnyitó / Opening
7:00 PM19:00

A bakelit effektus / The Vinyl Shop Effect Megnyitó / Opening

Exhibiting artists:

Tibor NAGY
Isabel VAL

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Why do people like old stuff? How old is old enough to have a revival? Why do people feel a connection to objects, why do they collect them and what is nostalgia? These questions are the underlying drivers of the group show entitled The Vinyl Shop Effect which presents the duality within the beauty of deteriorated buildings and retro furniture through artworks by Kristóf Murányi, Tibor Nagy, Péter Trembeczki and Isabel Val. The exhibition aims to raise understanding about the concept of nostalgia and the attraction towards old objects as well as to help experience their benefits.
The Vinyl Shop Effect plays with the jovial vibe of nostalgia and at the same time draws people’s attention to the importance of having a balanced relationship with one’s past. The works on show humorously pinpoint details that build up people’s collective memory, and make it visible that there is a psychological task hidden in the feeling of nostalgia, that is to process the bittersome face of the past. The show provides an opportunity to have the identity forming nature of nostalgia analysed and experienced.

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