custom-made workshops

I strongly believe in the importance of art as a way not only for personal development but also for community bonding and mental health prevention. This is why I have designed different workshops for adults that I can customize according to your needs.

You can check here my experience and I will be happy if you send me a message to discuss further details.

All the workshops can be held in English, Spanish or Catalan. 


visual storytelling for travellers

If you feel that your photos always look like somebody else's or just like postcards, this workshop is for definitely for you!

This workshop has been designed for travellers who already know how to use their camera (or phone) but are in need of a creative breakthrough.

For 2 hours, we will approach photography as a game that will awake your senses and your unique style. Through small exercises and a few composition tips, you will learn how to pay attention to details and find beauty in the unexpected.

I have already lead this workshop in Budapest and in Marrakesh… and I am always happy to travel! Why don’t you just send me a message?


collecting the city: visual storytelling through objects

We can learn  a lot about a certain city and its society through its most ordinary objects and urban elements. 

In this workshop, we will approach photography as a game to awake our visual radar and to develop our personal interests and aesthetics. We will become active viewers and we will learn to pay attention to details and to re-engage with ourselves and our surroundings.
By the end of the workshop, we will have the necessary tools to tell personal stories through visual taxonomies.

Do you have a group who could be interested in taking this workshop with me? Do you want be to go to your educational center? Just send me a message and lets chat!


learning how to see: a creativity workshop for entrepreneurs and business professionals

This programme is specially designed for companies' team leaders and decision-makers. By training their creativity and challenging the way they see things, the participants will acquire new tools to generate and develop new ideas and to solve problems.

After taking this workshop, you will feel more comfortable presenting your unique point of view, improving considerably your potential as a team worker. Also, the necessary skills to design and implement the plan you need in order to reach your professional goals will come to you in a natural way.

I am also happy to adapt the content of this workshop for team building experiences. Just send me a message and lets see how we can work together!