Hi! I'm Isa.

My work explores visually the presence of the past in our everyday life through its most ordinary shapes. I believe we can find an archeological value in the most common objects or places and that, through them, we can understand much better the society we live in.

My practice is mainly based on the deep observation of my surroundings. In each of my projects, I act as an image collector who finds and establishes connections and narratives between every object and every picture.

I like to experiment with different mediums, depending which one suits better my initial idea and letting my intuition guide me through this process. Even if I openly embrace the digital, my starting point is always analogue, as it's important for me to work with the material and as well as the possibility to manipulate a piece with my own hands.

I am fascinated by the concept of nostalgia. It's a constant topic of research for me and it is very present in all my projects. I naturally gravitate towards primary colors, clear lines and simplicity. I am also deeply attracted to 20th century vintage objects, specially for stationery, packaging, and domestic stuff.

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Isabel Val is a visual artist from Barcelona. She started her career as a music press photographer, but her curious mind brought her to explore many other creative worlds like experimental analogue photography, drawing or collage.

Even if the medium changes, the subject behind her work remains the same: the collective memory of public spaces, the invisible connections between past and present, and the archeological value of ordinary objects, followed by a great interest in analogue techniques that allow space for improvisation and mistakes.

Her works have been published in prominent papers and magazines such as Magyar Nemzet, Fotóművészet and Yorokobu, and exhibited in Revela-T Festival, Barcelona Visions Gallery and Budapest Art Market.

She has taught visual storytelling workshops for Instituto Cervantes Budapest, Artemisszió Foundation and L'École Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech.

Currently she is based in Budapest and represented by Mymuseum Gallery.